How To Correctly Position Kiddie Seats In Your Car

Posted on: 21 March 2016


Keeping your kids safe whilst travelling in your car is clearly very important, but even the best child seat available won't be effective if it is not positioned correctly.  Here is how to position your kiddie seat properly.

Choosing the right kiddie seat for your car

Although there are many different brands of kiddie seats available to choose from, not all are universally suitable for every make and model of car.  Before making a purchase, always ask the supplier if the brand you favour will safely fit in your car.  Never use a kiddie seat in your vehicle that doesn't fit properly; your child's life could be at risk in the event that the seat fails in an accident.

The front passenger seat

Although it may be tempting to put a kiddie seat in the front passenger seat of your car, your child will be far safer travelling in the back.  If you have a collision, the passenger airbag will hit the kiddie seat with considerable force, potentially causing serious injury.

In addition, a screaming toddler or baby strapped into the seat beside you will also be a dangerous distraction to you when you're driving.

For these reasons, it is not recommended that you travel a child as a front seat passenger.

Middle rear seat

Opting to place your child seat in the middle of the rear seat of your car is the safest option.  This is because this seat is the furthest away from the sides of the vehicle, so the child is less likely to be injured in the event that your car is impacted from the side, and they will also not be struck by the side passenger airbags if your car has them.

If you child is seated in the centre of the rear seat, you will be able to monitor them in your rear view mirror without having to try to turn around whilst driving.

It's worth noting that many child car seats need a three-point fastening seat belt (diagonal and lap) in order to fit them, so double check that the seat you buy is suitable for fitting in your particular vehicle.

In conclusion

You can ensure that your child travels safely in your car by buying a kiddie seat that is suitable for use in your make and model of vehicle and positioning it correctly as per the guidelines given above. For more care seat fitting tips, talk to a professional.